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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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gosh more than -- how >> more than 120 suspects are arrested. the country has no interest in an arms race with the united states. and the fight continues in tunisisa. welcome to -- tunisia. also coming up in the program, an american woman of duck that has been reunited with her biological parents -- who abducted has been reunited with her biological parents.
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more than 120 people involved have been are rusted -- have been arrested in the american states. he suspects face charges including racketeering, extortion, murder, and more. >> just before dawn, over 100 members were arrested across the states. hundreds of fbi agents swept through the homes. these arrests are the culmination of many investigations by local law enforcement agencies. >> this is one of the largest single days of operations in the fbi history. not just the number of arrested, but the scope of criminal activity.
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>> it reads like a rap sheet from the hollywood film. extortion, blackmail, racketeering, drug racketeering, and murder. the justice department claims that some defendants have shown a willingness to kill to make money and silence witnesses. >> the charges contained in the indictments today. even more of this is the notion that the mob is a thing of the past. >> and the fbi has seen an increase in performance. the authorities say it is not the end of organized crime, just one more step in an ongoing battle.
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>> speaking from los angeles, she said the mafia of today is not what it used to be. >> and they were revered, the kings of the neighborhood. even though there were barbarians, there was something of a family culture. that is totally degraded now. starting with the head of the other families. a lot of them have turned state's witness and revealed everything about their former colleagues. allot of the loyalty, a lot of the culture of family is totally deteriorated. >> of what was the presence like in new york and neighboring states? >> in my father's time, every business owner knew who the local mafia was.
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kickbacks. they are only relegated to a few sectors. they manipulate labor unions, and the businesses on the waterfront. they are less physical than they have banned in many decades. those decades were immortalized in movies. as a result, this way has deteriorated. >> what do these latest arrests mean? goshawk have been going after individual families -- >> they have been going after individual families. it is decimating the family. a lot of crime will be operated or run more like gangs.
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families were empires. many captains and associates, it is smaller operations. illegal gambling. you're getting the people at the very bottom now because most of the other guys are in jail. it will be weaker and used to be that you bought a loaf of bread and you were given a kickback not knowing it. you couldn't build a building without their permission. that is deteriorating now. >> hope the chinese president says that america should not be china. the country has no interest in pursuing an arms race. they described it as court chinese interests. there were a number of familiar concerns including human rights.
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>> this morning was home to u.s. congress. they always have strong views on china. republican speaker of the house has no exception. >> i'm concerned -- expressed my concern about liberty, intellectual property, and north korea. >> your currency is artificially week, on your markets are not fair, and you are taking our intellectual property. congress cannot make that kind of policy, but it can make life difficult for the obama administration. and they will if it is good politics at home. the audience is mainly business
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people, more of the reassuring messages of trade and economic stability. >> we do not engage in arms race. china will never seek to have an expansionist policy. >> it was a tone meant to, america, japan, and southeast asia. while statements like this are diplomatic, they are overtaken by events. this visit to want to change that. wednesday night's dinner was being picked over in washington. they will no doubt be pleased with this image of himself.
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>> i propose a toast to our people ha, ha the citizens republic of china, and the united states of america. >> his own statement that china has much to do on human rights is being seen as an encouraging sign. >> we appreciate those words. the united states will watch the actions of the chinese government. >> the knowledge that if the china relationship unraveled in the global economy unravels with it. the degree to which their own future is intertwined.
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>> the former dictator has been barred from leaving the country. the news agency quoted an anonymous source that a flight ban is being issued against him. he was charged on tuesday with corruption and stealing public funds. the hope that he might become ha ha candidate in the new presidential election. google's profits have been overshadowed by a shakeup. the co-founder is taking over. reaction has some analysts saying that with the company doing better than expected, it is time to make changes. there might be twice as much national gas in the world. -- natural gas in the world. the senior expert at the
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international energy agency says it might last 250 years or more. the opposition labour party [unintelligible] he cited issues in his personal private life. they disagreed on how to tackle the public spending cuts. this report contains some flash photography. >> can you tell us why you have resigned? that will be known. -- no, then. his leader spoke for him instead. >> he decided to stand down for a deeply personal reasons. i want to thank him for his work.
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>> mr. johnson does not spell out those personal reasons, but he found it difficult to cope with these issues home in his private life. the former postman that rose to be the union leader and a rock and roll 11 cabinet member -- that loving cabinet member. -- rock banand roll loving cabinet member. that smile turned to an uncharacteristic wince. >> i know he can't really do the numbers. [laughter] there is no point in asking promises about the one. >> he speaks fluent human and fluent economics.
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it is replaced with rock, political energy. -- raw political energy. >> is important to take on this test. i will not be involved in the economy for 25 years now. >> there is a brand new johann -- look. his job goes to his wife. she has replaced the foreign secretary douglas alexander. when the team the next meets, there is a big hole left by the departure of allen johnson. the man widely accepted to be the best communicator has left without uttering a word. >> it was in the united kingdom
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where police arrested a man accused of murdering a landscape architect. the bbc has learned that is occupied by dutchman. the heat is on, the u.n. climate scientists say last year was one of the warmest on record. an attack on an army based who has killed four soldiers and wounded several others. troops say that dozens overran the camp. thousands are stationed in the south. from bangkok, there is this report. goshawk the attack began after dark.
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they threw grenades -- >> and the attack began after dark. they threw grenades. and the well organized attack [inaudible] almost every day, there is violence. a small, self-contained part. the violence often starts revenge. the majority in this part of thailand. adding to insecurity. they are targeted by the shadowy groups.
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they have no real link to global groups. the military is based in the region. as troops cleared up, the army insists that things are improving. >> you are watching bbc news. the headlines this hour. more than 120 people suspected of being with mafia groups have been arrested in new york. the chinese president says the country has no interest in pursuing an arms race with the united states. the 23-year-old american woman of gutted from the hospital has
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been reunited with her -- abducted from the hospital when she was a baby who was reunited with her birth mother. let's go to our washington correspondent. this is a remarkable story. >> it is a story that began in august of 1987. as a baby, she had a fever and was taken to the hospital. they had given the baby to a woman that was dressed as a nurse. when the parents return, the baby was gone. there were appeals from the parents, but they never found her. the parents had all but given up hope until now. a huge and emotional family
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reunion after she traced her own birth mother. she was raised in the neighboring state of connecticut by a woman that was not her mother and was suspected of being a woman that to occur from the hospital. -- that took her from the hos pital. she lived in connecticut and asked for identification and birth certificates. the woman who said she was her mother did not have those documents. she had become suspicious about her identity. >> she said it is like being born again. the woman will be facing charges for kidnapping. >> she contacted the police after going on a missing child's
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web site and looking back of the way to 1987 -- all the way to 1987. the police conducted dna tests had reunited her with her biological parents. the police are in contact with the woman that of but that her 23 years ago. -- abducted her 23 years ago. it is not clear at this stage. >> an extraordinary story. thank you very much. the tunisian president fleses his country. one week on, we report from the capital city's main
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boulevard. >> from revolution to resuming the rituals of daily life. the protests of them and all of the old guard must go. -- the protests and demand that all of the old guard must go. >> every tunisian loves this country. we ask the country's enemies to [unintelligible] >> the street of tunis. the state-run newspaper kick out bear editor in chief. there is even the sound of protest. >> what is the difference?
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last week, front page. this week, power goes to the people. >> what is it like coming to work out? >> between last week and this week, are we agreeing? >> but it's a nightmare if you belong to the ruling party. most of the senior officials are on the run or resigning. we found one that would talk to us. they said not to fill me at the
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party headquarters. -- film me at the party headquarters. he's on the defensive now. how can we build a democracy if we eliminate everything? and those that committed mistakes must be judged. those who didn't should have the right to serve their country. these are the issues being debated now. now, there are forceful arguments. >> a week ago, this would have been possible here. -=-- impossible here. it's part of normal life. >> they make their views known. from left to right to muslim adn
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se -- and secular. >> at least 50 people have been killed and 150 wounded. the explosions took place at checkpoints controlling the northern and southern bits of the city. hundreds of thousands have been arriving for a major religious event. the caretaker prime minister is trying to form a unity government. militants and their allies resigned. he would not give in to threats. the year 2010 was one of the warmest on record according to the world's un body. average temperatures were half a degree higher than 1990.
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>> europe shivered under ice and snow, but the freezing temperatures don't strange -- change the global trend. >> 2010 is among the top three of the warmest years. >> global warming doesn't just mean higher temperatures. they predict warmer weather will mean more extreme weather, too. 2010 felt plenty of that. 20 million people affected. or the intense heat wave in russia. today's figures show 2010 was teh hot -- the hottest year
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ever. it should allay any remaining doubts about the existence of global warming. the new spain? -- >> and do you fancy a free holiday in spain? >> in the heart of madrid, there is a hotel made up of 12 tons of trash. car parts and metal, and even the odd musical instrument. it is all junk abandoned on the beaches. designed by german artist, the garbage hotel is a symbol. >> the world is changing fast.
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garbage shows us where we are. we are orphans of the biggest garbage dump of the world. >> this is a pile of junk you can actually sleeping in. -- slleep -- sleep in. it's been disinfected. it doesn't smell, so i felt great. not like i was living in rubbish at all. it coincides with a big tourism fair. the enormous mess that some many of us leave behind. -- so many of us leave behind. >> reminder of our main news.
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150 people have been arrested associated with the mafia in new york. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click-to-play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations.
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